The DOMIQ/Remote application allows to control smart home using mobile devices with iOS or Android. The DOMIQ/Remote application was the world’s first home automation application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application allows to control:

  • lighting
  • shutters and blinds;
  • HVAC;
  • alarm system;
  • CCTV;
  • audio and video (SONOS, TV);
  • and many more;


Application shows one of the available views depending on device orientation.

The Menu

When device is in vertical orientation the application shows the Menu view. The Menu consist of dedicated controls, which allows to control of a smart home in a convenient way. These include controls for:

  • dimmable lights - using it you will set desired brightness easily.
  • shutters and blinds - it has a set of commands dedicated to control motors of shutters or blinds.
  • arming and disarming of alarm system - using it you will arm and disarm alarm system from any location in the world.
  • temperature regulation - allows to set temperature and includes chart of temperature changes in the last 24h.
  • previewing cameras - from any place you can see what is happening at home.
  • RGB lights - quickly and easily you will set your favorite color of a light.
  • schedules manipulation - using it you will set time for any repeated action in the system.

Structure of Menu can be freely modified to suit to your individual expectations.

DOMIQ/Remote for iOS - smart home, RGB LEDs control DOMIQ/Remote for iOS - smart home, arming of Satel alarm system DOMIQ/Remote for iOS - smart home, temperature control DOMIQ/Remote for Android - smart home, lighting control DOMIQ/Remote for Android - smart home, armin of Satel alarm system

The Visualization

The DOMIQ/Remote application was the world’s first mobile application for home automation control that used the concept of visualization. The Visualization view is displayed when the device is in horizontal orientation. Using visualization you have instant overview of state of the entire building and it is the fastest way to control it. Structure of visualization and its graphics if fully editable, so you can adjust it to your needs.

DOMIQ/Remote - visualization view, smart home

Control smart home wherever you are

DOMIQ/Remote supports remote connections. Using this feature you can control your smart home from any place in the world. You are away from home and you don’t remember whether you armed the alarm or whether you turned off the lights? No problem - run the application and check it out!


The application can receive notifications sent by a DOMIQ/Base module. Notification can inform you about any events in the system. Thanks to this, you will be always aware that they occured.


The DOMIQ/Remote application if free of charge. It has built-in demo mode, which allows you to get familiar with application’s features.

DOMIQ/Remote for iOS is available on App StoreDOMIQ/Remote for Android is available on Google Play