Imagine an intelligent building...

where all the monotonous activities are performed for you, and you can focus on things that are important to you.

where you can adjust all the devices in such a manner as to make them work the way you like it.

which constantly watches over your safety.

which optimises the costs of consumption of the media to the maximum.


How does it work in practice?


The intelligent building constantly watches over the safety of people. Owing to DOMIQ, all the warning systems work together to ensure 100% of safety to you.

Absolute memory

You do not have to remember about switching on the alarm each time you leave the building. DOMIQ does it for you, checking the presence of people every 15 minutes after closing the front lock or the entrance gate.


The DOMIQ system protects the building from flooding. When the flooding sensors detect water, the system will immediately close the intake valve and notify you of the occurrence of this event with a message on the phone.

A watchful eye

While being away, you can have control over the events taking place at your home. When someone appears in the area of active alarm sensors, the alarm procedure is set off: all the lights are switched on and all the roller blinds are raised; you receive a message on the phone, and all the cameras start recording automatically. You can evaluate the situation any time owing to the remote viewing from cameras.



Owing to the automation functions of the DOMIQ system, everyday activities become simpler and more pleasant. You do not have to remember about everything, you can devote more time to your favourite activities.


You do not have to worry about watering your garden. On the basis of the data from the weather station and the astronomical clock, DOMIQ will take a decision on starting the sprinklers.

Solar alarm clock

Do you like when the sun wakes you up? Set a temporal rule to raise the roller blinds after the sunrise and enjoy a pleasant morning.

Leaving your house

Owing to DOMIQ, you will easily define any sequence of activities for leaving the building, which will be activated by using one push-button. The system will automatically arm the alarm, switch off all the lights and lower the temperature. Just anything you want.



The lighting in the intelligent building is characterised by three features:

  • freedom of configuration,
  • convenience of use,
  • reduction of operational costs.

The intelligent lighting system allows you to have full control over lighting without the necessity to install plenty of switches. Also, the length of the used cabling is reduced to the minimum.

Winter morning

December morning. You get up to work when it is still dark outside. Sleepy eyed, you do not even think of looking for light or telephone switches. Since the moment you have had the DOMIQ system at your home, the motion sensors capture your presence effectively and switch on the lights on your way to the morning bathroom.

Romantic mood

In order to create intimate mood in your bedroom, you do not need a dozen of candles. It is just enough to press the push-button responsible for the light scene selected by you, which will dim and/or change the colour of the respective lights.

All the colours of rainbow

The LED lighting has become a fact. Owing to DOMIQ, you have the possibility of free control of the LED lighting. You do not need any special lamps for this purpose. You can use the generally available bulbs and LED strips in order to arrange even very complex compositions. Enjoy all the colours of light at your home.


Roller blinds and shutters

On the basis of the data from the sun sensor, the position of the sun and the data from the weather station, the DOMIQ system can:

  • adjust the quantity of sun beams falling into the building,
  • take a decision on lowering the roller blinds in order to protect the windows from unfavourable atmospheric conditions

The roller blinds also fulfil the role of the burglar alarm. DOMIQ enables integration of roller blind control with the alarm system; this, for instance, allows the roller blinds to be lowered automatically after leaving the building.

Roller blind functioning as an alarm clock

There are mornings when a traditional alarm clock is not enough to motivate you to get up from bed. The intelligent system will synchronise opening the roller blinds with the alarm clock in your telephone. Owing to this, getting up every day may be even more comfortable.

Lazy evenings

In order to save your time and increase your safety while taking a rest, 30 minutes after the sunset, the system closes all the roller blinds in the building by itself. It takes into consideration whether you left the door open and may stop the selected windows from being covered.

Control the solar exposure of the building

The intelligent control of the shutters and roller blinds allows the quantity of sun beams falling into the building to be regulated. This way, you can reduce heating inside in the summertime and save expenditures related to air-conditioning of the rooms. The reverse activity in the wintertime makes it possible to reduce the expenditures intended for heating. By regulating the exposure of the building to the sun, you can also optimise the lighting costs.



The microclimate in the building is a factor that has a strong impact on the well-being of man, therefore it is important to have it constantly under control. The control of the microclimate in the building is a fairly complex issue which is very hard to implement without the automation system.

Ventilate when necessary

On the basis of the data from the air quality sensors located in the building, the DOMIQ system will take a decision on the mode of operation of the ventilation system. When the air quality is within normal limits, the ventilation is switched off. When the air quality is below the permissible values, then DOMIQ will issue an order to start ventilation of the rooms. Owing to this, ventilation functions only when it is absolutely necessary.

Plan in time

Owing to the temporal rules, you can establish a schedule for operation of the ventilation and heating/air conditioning systems. The DOMIQ system will switch off the ventilation system as well as the heating/air-conditioning systems when you leave the building, in order to save energy. The ventilation mode will be started before your return, and the temperature inside rooms will be set to the one that you like.

Getting up can be nice

A feeling of warmth underneath your feet, while drinking your morning coffee, may make the beginning of day much more pleasant. The intelligent system begins to heat the floors whenever you like, for instance, 1h before your wake-up call.



DOMIQ enables the connection of the automation system with the audio-video systems, owing to which they become a part of the intelligent building.

Musical wake-up call

Getting up in the morning with the sounds of your favourite tunes will make your day pleasant since the very beginning. The intelligent system of your house may play a different playlist for each day of the week or adapt it to the weather outside.

Attention! Alarm situation!

During a party, loud music and conversations may effectively drown out important alarm warnings in the telephone or panel. In order to prevent this, your intelligent system will turn the music down and inform you about the occurrence of an emergency situation.



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