Update: System

2024 25 March

Today we published an update for DOMIQ/Base modules.

1. Implementation of the DALI2 protocol for DT8 devices. Added support for the RGB and TC control types.
2. Enhanced variables binding in events and timers - much easier creation of complex conditional statements and commands. We also fixed arithmetic expressions assigned to commands.
3. Rebuilt handling of MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP/UDP - more reliable operation and less RAM memory consumption.
4. Fixed handling of commands for controlling LCN relays with timers.
5. Added command for locking LCN relays
    1. LCN.relay.0.10.1=lock/unlock/softlock
    2. LCN.relays.0.10=LLSSUU—, L -> lock, S -> soft lock, U -> unlock, - -> do not change.
6. Fixed locking of LCN keys:
    1. LCN.locks.S.M.T=1100UU—
    2. Status information about locked keys are now available in the State of Base module. Therefore it’s also possibile to define events based on this information from now on.  
7. We added an event which is triggered after the scan of the LCN bus is completed.
Event syntax: LE.SYSTEM=lcnready
Event example:
    1. Channel: LE.SYSTEM
    2. Data: lcnready
    3. Actions -> define any action you would like to perform when LCN scan is finished.
8. We added support for QoS=1 and other minor improvements in MQTT broker.
9. Fixed handling of Shelly gen.2 and gen.3 devices. 

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