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About Us

DOMIQ has been present on the market since January 2007. Initially, the developmental works were conducted in the form of the sole proprietorship. In November 2008, the DOMIQ limited liability company was established.

Since the very beginning, the convenience and easiness of use of our solution has been the most important issue for us. For these reasons, we excluded the possibility of implementation of the HTML websites or software running on standard PCs.

We have developed an exceptionally efficient environment for Lua virtual machines, which allowed a significant reduction of the size and energy consumption of the server module - the DOMIQ/Base. At the same time, the DOMIQ/Remote application, using special protocols that reduced the control delays and ensured full protection of the user privacy, was created.

The DOMIQ/Remote application was the first application for iPhone and iPod Touch in the world, used for the purpose of controlling the household automation. For several months our first Customers used the Cydia based distribution. After two months, when Apple opened the iTunes Store, and we fulfilled the necessary formalities such as signing agreements with Apple and obtaining permission for export of cryptographic technologies from the U.S., the DOMIQ Remote application appeared in the iTunes Store on April 22nd, 2009. At that time it was the second application for house control.

Since the very beginning of the sale of our devices, we cooperate with Auraeko S.A. taking joint care for the environment as the participant of the programme "Nature-Friendly Company". We are registered as the manufacturer of electronic equipment in the Chief Inspectorate of Environment Protection.

The word DOMIQ and our logo are registered trade marks.


Work hours: 9am to 5pm.

Tel: +48 22 257 86 72
Fax: +48 22 257 86 82
Email: info@domiq.pl
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DOMIQ Sp. z o.o.
Sarmacka 10B/19
02-972 Warsaw


NIP: 9512272887
REGON: 141629680
WEEE: E0009862W
KRS: 0000317997

Entered in the Company Register by the Warsaw District Court, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. Company capital 110.000 PLN.